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I am a writer, engineer, marathon runner, cyclist, backpacker, aggressive reader, teacher, trombone player, in love with Cyndi Simpson, married since July 1979, father to Byron and Katie, grandfather to Madden and Landry.

We minister with young married couples at First Baptist Church, in Midland, Texas. I also teach an early morning men’s book study class at my church called Iron Men.

From “Discover Your Strengths”, my top five strengths are: Learner, Intellection, Maximizer, Context, and Strategic.

I will also admit to being an INTJ.

I have been publishing a weekly blog since 1998.

I have published three books (Running With God, Retreating With God, and Remodeled) and all are available at Amazon for printed copies or for Kindle.

Psalm 90:12 says, “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to you a heart of wisdom.” Here are my numbers ...

BDS Truchas (91)

20,646..... days I have been alive

18,080..... days since I was baptized

16,280..... days since I first picked up a trombone

16,245..... days I have been a big brother

13,180..... days I have been hot for Cyndi

12,603..... days since I started running.


12,181..... days I have been married

11,799..... days I have been a father

10,654..... days since my first marathon.

9,832..... days since I first started tracking the books I read

9,119..... days since my marathon PR

8,158..... days since I first started teaching adult classes at church

7,305..... days I have spent reading through the Bible

7,300..... days I’ve run at least two miles.

6,774..... days since I was laid off for the first time

B&C guadalupe peak 2011

5,175..... days since I published my first Journal Entry

4,389..... days I served in city government

2,731..... days I have been a father-in-law

1,700..... days I have finished reading a book

1,492..... days I have lived in our house

1,042..... days I have been a grandfather to Madden

915..... days since I started cycling again

822..... days since my last marathon

80..... days I have donated blood

20..... days I have spent on solo backpacking trips

16..... days I have summited Guadalupe Peak

9..... days I’ve spent running marathons.

3..... days I have published one of my books

2..... days I spent conceiving children

1..... days I spent getting married

1..... days since I read my Bible

1..... days since I slept next to Cyndi