Calculating the Risk

When I saw the weather forecast for Dallas I started making plans for a

Comfortable long walk at White Rock Lake


When I analyzed Cyndi’s workshop schedule

Friday evening from 3:00 until 8:00 pm

Enough time to do something significant


When I considered my last time to circle the lake

February 2012 nine miles on bad knees

It couldn’t hurt worse this time


When I wondered about walking all the way

I could settle into a steady 20:00 pace

Without concentrating too hard


When I calculated the risk

Not a small thing since there are no shortcuts

Knowing I’d hobble in on sore legs in the dark


When I remembered that hobbling in the dark

Described my 2012 run

My knees are stronger now than then

White Rock Lake









When I considered the running truism

You shouldn’t increase distance more than 10%

But that was for regular people


When I leaned back and howled

A road warrior since 1978

What is a 200% increase to me?


When I knew the effect this trail has on my heart

How many times God has spoken to me here

I expected it to happen again


When I thought about spiritual thin places

Most of mine are on urban or mountain trails

White Rock Lake trail is one of my thinnest


When I considered I just published a blog

“Longing to be Courageous”

Tipping my hand to family and friends


When I finally finished walking in the dark

Clicked my key fob to see happy yellow lights

Blinking on each fender welcoming me home


At Chick-fil-A for an exorbitant yet well-deserved

Vanilla milkshake

It was wonderfully satisfying


When I could walk the next day

Without the anticipated crippling stiffness

That’s when I was a happy man


“I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free.” Psalm 119:32

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