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There is always something else to look forward to, even in paradise, even in Hawaii. All Wednesday morning I had looked forward to our afternoon trip to the Kukui’ula Shopping Center for their weekly outdoor produce market and art show.IMG_2127 It’s true, I seldom look forward to more shopping, but this was different. I was hoping John Rivera would be playing in the market. We heard him last summer, and I bought one of his CDs. In fact, I used his cover of Harry Nilsson’s song, Echoes of my Mind, on my 2012 Love Song Collection. Since I was still in love with the same girl, I wanted to hear some more of his music.

I have to admit that Rivera is only one of many fine Hawaiian musicians, but having heard him play live last July gave me a sense of ownership,  like he was my guy. And besides, live music moves my soul. I would rather sit and listen to music than do much anything else. Even music that I don’t really like, that isn’t my style or taste, is better when performed live. Especially in an open-air market next to the Pie Lady’s table.

So while we were standing in line for our pie, Rivera played and sang, I’m Yours, by Jason Mraz, (which I used on my 2009 Love Song Collection) and I could hardly stand still with Cyndi so close. Lucky for her, I suppose, this was a crowded public venue and I felt restrained.

I tweeted: “Everything is better while listening to live music. Everything. My heart is happy and full and in love. And, I’m eating Macadamia Nut Pie.”

IMG_2124While we were eating our pie, a little girl ran over in front of the musicians and started waving her arms and dancing to the music. She wore a giant smile on her face, she radiated joy, and she kept dancing for a long time. Her parents even seemed a little surprised at her reaction.

I tweeted: “I hope I can live my life with the hope and joy of this little girl dancing to music at the farmer’s market.”

Well, this week, while working on this Journal, I asked myself: Why does music matter?

I actually Googled the question, but all the discussions were long, wordy, and boring. Not one of the answers had that swing, which means, of course, they don’t mean a thing.

We have a friend whose entire life revolves around music, yet, it isn’t obvious that they get any joy from it. As if it is a duty instead of a delight. Like those definitions I found with Google - way too clinical. Maybe they just need more macadamia pie.

Why am I writing about music? This week I started listening to my big playlist of love songs, those I haven’t yet put in a collection, about 120 songs, intending to find 19 or 20 for my 34th Anniversary Commemorative Love Song Collection due July 28. I will be swimming in love songs and tweeting lyrics for the next few weeks. If you have any song suggestions for me, now is the time to send them.

And remember to keep following the advice generously given by the Doobie Brothers - Listen to the music.


QUESTION: Why does music matter?



“I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free.” Psalm 119:32


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